What I desire, (@_@)

Desires run deep

We live we die

The truth is staring in front of the eye

The eyes sees which the heart reads

Caring about everything anything

Why when what but why okk then

Life starts in the end haa

End cannot be a start right

But it is

As desires run deep and


The nowhere

Where there is no sweet no salt

Where lies only meaning only truth

Where the end meets a start and


The penetration

I am awake with meaningless words. Trying to find meaning of the same. Meaning it is for the time being where everything hovers around. Sometimes it’s logic, sometimes it’s rules, sometimes its the dart.

Logic gives reason, reason creates awareness. Rules makes it easy, if only easy it what everything is. The darts are the conscious decisions which lead simple solutions to take over the complexities.

The meaning shapes itself through future with the help of past. It changes, remains unchanged without a notice in the short term. Saying this all out loud say something particular and yet unknown to the present self, the conscious mind. May be the future can tell a different story.

Cheers !!

A room full of present, a mind full of past, a path full of future. Tapping into a different reality can’t be more smooth. Life begins with a path, decides with the brain and always rests in a room. End is quite near but it’s a new beginning right now.

To a smooth life !!

Fearless is not madness

Loop starts again, The truth

I shiver alot when it comes to facing truth, this body is so delicate that even words can penetrate the inner workings I feel. Times and times whenever this feeling comes it creates a learning and leads a path to growth, for now at least, it’s doing that.

These eyes are right there where there is a little vaccum, where I desire something. Overlooking every other aspect of life which has literally everything else but for the moment all it is I see is that vacuum, my life is blowing out of it and I just can’t tape it.

This is point where the growth, the learning curve begins, after a while the whole becomes a gate to wisdom, to thoughts which sometimes pour negatives or may be positives depends on the enviornment.

Facing the truth opens alot of gates, hope you enter the right one.

Something beautiful,

What’s important : ” – “

I forgot lately what’s important, writing is important, trying is important, the bad will come – hug you tight, the good will come to say bye bye but what’s important is to keep them in company. Writing good isn’t the point, writing is. Life is a firefly, a light in dark, a beauty only visible at night, life is a doings the forgotten and forget again. The new is here, right now.