I’m just like You

Not mine,

We are no different
Not just us, we all are same
The humanity
Boring and inspiring
Boring, bicoz we don’t know eachother that deep
Inspiring, bicoz we all have those
Stories of peaks and dips which inspires
Every eye, whether blue or black
We all have have our breakdowns
Some are know and some unknown
At last, the thing is, what you are seeking ?
Is it difference or ‘similarity’
Cause you always going to find what you seek.

We are no different
I don’t know how else I can convince you
But I can hope
someday we all see everyone as one
Everyone as human.

This is another try to summarise alot of feelings amd words in a para not bigger than my screen. Hope you got my lines and got convince, I know it’s not convincing enough.

Into the stange

Discovered Agnotology or not

https://youtu.be/t5UPnuSTRjA – DW documentary YouTube –

Posted a short documentary on how ignorance and fake news works, the forces behind these massive influencers which drags general public into corners of ignorance, illness and long term damages to generations to come. This documentary even shows why you don’t know enough about plastics, climate change, social media, fast food industry, 5G and what not. What you do know about these things are called products but not research on the same subject or their side effects bicoz of mass penetration. It shows how information is used to supress information from general public.

I was laughing by the end, laughing at how much I can be unaware and ignorant even in the times to internet. How less I know about “things” that actually matters in compare to things which matters to make opinion for a political agenda or profitable business consuming public attention and natural resources just to make a policy or a product which ultimately proved to be deadly but only to a single person in a sample of one 1000, but then we have population in billions here, then what about a slightly bigger sample?

After a long time I discovered something. After a long time i did justice with the websites name. Life seemed to be stagnant again until I found this week, that researchers through AI generated simulation shows that dark matter can be their as bridges between galaxies, then I this, documentary. In which I found that lab rats come in models, you choose one according to your research, some with particular weight, height, nutrition level may be, then their is agnotology which makes me do aaahhh. The study of ignorance. Then people came, saying “ignorance is bliss”, then voof shows over, back to wonderful healthy growing life.

May end – journal

So it’s been a month since I am trying to give it my best. This month is quite progressive in compare to the last few months. Thank you, super mode, (I really need to know your her name now) for teaching me lessons of self love and gratitude. Can’t thank you enough. Can’t praise you enough. I never thought some one can pull so many things together from CFA to marathons. You are just amazing and inspiring. Strong too.

I tried to get habitual to several things, here is the list.

Running – I started running with 1 day gap in between, total days were 11, I ran around 4 km consistently all these days, but none long run. But I am thinking about going tomorrow for a long run, more than 5 km.

Meditation – I meditate 26 days this month for 10 minutes. Meditation gives a great start for a long day. It is satisfying too.

Newspaper – I read the Hindu for 26 days regularly, it’s quite unusual for me to read with such persistency.

Book – I reading thinking fast and slow, which is psychology book covering mainly decision making. This book challenges alot of firm held conception from driving to share market. I think it’s a must read to get aware about how our mind get influenced.

Guitar – I practiced guitar for 20 days, I practised guitar fingering for all these days, I am quite familiar now with the finger positions. And yes, I am getting better at strumming too.

Studying – I didn’t study well this month, only studied properly for 5 days. Studying will be my priority next month.

Exercise – I exercised 12 days this month which I wanted to do regular everyday. I will do better next month.

If there are alot of things to do then start by doing something at a small level with consistency. This is also something I learned from a fellow blogger. Can’t wait to start everything again tomorrow, I’m quite exited now.


Hope you are not looking here,

I turn to writing when I can’t find you, when I can’t find answers I turn to writing. Ink gives certainty while pen gives clarity.

Confusion and grief are here clearing out every mind to settle in while I am thinking about how and what to write. What to eat, what to watch while the needy needs to eat and rest.

I wonder why then people strive to live, is it for the family they have, is it for fear they have or is it just about the survival we have.

While thinking of pain, I have some too. From pain which comes from obesity to pain which comes from life choices. But what about the pain which comes from a empty stomach, empty balance. Pain which even consume tears.

Then I wonder why ? Why you have to strive? Answer always been the same, hope. But hope for what ? A better day.

Jealousy, a tempting woman

Jealousy, a reason to love more
And trust less
She gets me exited everytime
When she meets my immaturity
Having a affair with him, may be
With my immaturity, lighting candles of trust
With bright flames of love
Her love is pure, pure like
Childish behaviour of mine
Jealousy has something special for tummy
As it always makes it weird
A weird without definition.

Date is 6th May, 2021. Jealousy as usual having a hookup with immaturity, she playing love games deep up there, in my brain. Brain is like a state of extreme capitalism, where thoughts are the currency and she is, yes a billionaire there for sure. She, the Jealousy always has a corp. every where just like shell. Ok, I know where this is going, it’s going to the land of tiredness after watching them doing stuff up there.

Jealousy is a bad girl, specially for the trust, who is not even born yet. An adult and fully developed trust is like a column of pure metal which cannot be broke down but can be melt by the pure love of jealousy, so what can be done, to nourish this child named trust. Hmm, answers to most of the complex subjective issues or questions are quite simple and straight like this, have a friend called faith. He has the guts to take her out, and date her which is not the case with immaturity. Let him take her, it’s for the good. See so answers are quite simple but believing is quite rare.  Believe him.

So, this is what I am struggling with for now, May is going great but my brain’s economy’s currency is doing consistently great just like ethereum these days. This is the product of humour factory. The last para.